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Frequently asked questions:

Contractor or Gardener

Why should I hire a licensed landscape contractor?

 State law requires anyone who contracts to do landscape work to be licensed by the contractors state license board if the total price of the job (including labor and materials) is $500 or more. If you hire an unlicensed landscape contractor you may be financially responsible if injuries,  fire, or other property damage results. 

Licensed Gardener?

Does my maintenance gardener need to have a license?

 No, but if the gardener installed a new sprinkler system or any other permanent addition on the property or pruning trees over 15 feet then he or she would need to be licensed. 

Age of business 

How long has Aaron's Natural Landscaping been operating as a licensed landscape contractor?

We have had our landscaping contractor  license #724083 for over 20 years.

Areas of operation 

What areas do you operate in?

We serve Orange & San Diego County and surrounding areas.


What guarantees do you provide?

We have a 1 year irrigation gaurantee and a 6 month plant guarantee.


What is included in a complimentary consultation?

Consultations with our clients are always free. With over 30 years of experience we know the value of listening to the client's needs and make sure they are implemented.

Free estimate timing

How long does it take to get a free estimate with your company and what does it include?

Typically we will give you a free estimate to you in no more than 1 week. This detailed estimate will include a itemized estimate so that the client can accurately know what they are getting.

Home Owners Association 

Do you work with H.O.A.'s ( Home Owners Association) and provide plans for their approval?

If needed we can provide plans for H.O.A. approval with a fee based on the scope of the design.